Make a mini cactus garden
Make a mini cactus garden

Cactus require very little care and can be grown very well in Dish Gardens, terrariums, or even tins.

An indoor cactus pot can provide an exotic touch to your home …we think that this one is a perfect miniature garden.

So how do you make your own mini catus garden?

What you need:

  • Bowl, container, tin
  • Pebbles or Aquarium gravel
  • Selection of Tiny Cacti
  • Potting soil for succulent gardens.

Don’t have space for a backyard, why don’t you think about making a pocket garden. It’s easy to put together and look after!  Begin by finding a great bowl to put your garden in, you can also decorate the bowl as well if you like. Next for drainage, pour in a single layer of pebbles or aquarium gravel.  Fill in the rest of the bowl potting soil made for succulent gardens.

To plant your tiny Cacti, hollow out some small holes in the soil and tuck in the plants, handling them with gloved if they have spines. Gently press down around the roots, then tap the bowl lightly to help the soil settle.

Keep your mini cactus garden in a sunny and warm spot  and just water it when the soil feels dry!

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